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Mizuhashi Hojudo Emulsion Remover Cleansing Lotion 200ml

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Emulsion Remover Cleansing Lotion is a multi-awards winner cleansing product, it is formulated to remove excess sebum and impurities that can't be removed by cleansers and makeup removers! Just spray and let the product does it wonders! 

One of the causes for the conspicuous and darkened pores is the dirt of sebum. The condition worsens with the dirt of the makeups and cleansing ingredients that remain deep within the pores. These dirts cannot be really removed by the face-wash. Emulsion Remover, works effectively on any types of dirt smoothly without damaging the skin.

Sebum, secreted from the sebaceous gland. and the old cuticles which are hardened in the pores. would become black after getting oxidized over time. That is keratin plug. That keratin plug is in fact is 70% dead skin. 

But what should be done for that remaining 30% of dirt by sebum?
30% might not be substantial. But once accumulated, it results in the sagging skin and darker complexion. Ordinary soap would not fully remove the accumulated sebum dirt, normal skin care would just result in more sebum dirts. What should we do for that persistent remaining dirt? That's why Emulsion Remover has been developed.

The five main ingredients in Emulsion Remover:
Arginine (moisturising)
Phytic add (prevention of skin aging, increase collagen generation)
Silver oxide (antibacterial effect)

There is seawater in the ingredients contained in the emulsion remover, but this seawater is helping to make the emulsion remover alkaline cosmetics. Alkaline water has skin peeling effect and bactericidal effect. Human skin is in a weak acidic state when it is in a healthy state, but gradually becomes acidic when dirt such as sebum gathers. This will cause darkening of pores, but emulsion remover that became alkaline in seawater will neutralize acidic skin and increase immunity. When entering an alkaline hot spring, oil is removed and the skin becomes smooth. Emulsion remover is cosmetic-like, thinly diluting the alkaline water and spraying it.
For such reasons, seawater is contained in the ingredients of emulsion remover, which may also be used for other high-end cosmetics. Besides, the deep ocean water contains abundant mineral components such as magnesium.

Arginine is a natural ingredient which is often contained in meat and beans. It has the effect of moisturizing the stratum corneum by applying directly to the skin. When arginine is deficient, the turnover of the skin tends to be disturbed, which also causes stains, wrinkles and sagging. When the turnover of the skin is disturbed, sebum is easily clogged in the pores and darkening becomes clearly visible. Arginine which is a component of the emulsion remover is an ingredient which has been attracting much attention in the anti-aging industry because it enables collagen production to perform normally and improves blood flow.

Phytic Acid
Phytic acid contained in the emulsion remover is a plant-derived natural antioxidant. It is a rich component of rice bran, sesame, beans and rice. Phytic acid is a kind of vitamin B and has a very strong antioxidant action. Phytic acid has the effect of suppressing the production of active enzyme that human beings make in the body, and it can expect to work to improve skin aging, stains, wrinkles, and sagging by the detoxification action of phytic acid. In addition, phytic acid contained in the emulsion remover is very powerful to activate the function of lymphocytes called"macrophages" that eliminate melanin causes spots. Continuing to use emulsion remover containing phytic acid is also recommended for whitening effect , spot prevention and freckle prevention.

Versatile for multiple uses

For oily scalp
If you spray your head lightly with emulsion remover, take water and spray
it directly on the scalp and leave it for about 1 minute, you will find that
white water falls down on your face . The point is to spray the emulsion remover over the scalp. After spraying the emulsion remover, you can remove the sebum more effectively by rubbing and scalping the scalp . This method is super recommended as it is almost impossible to remove all the oil and sebum with just shampoo!

For Acne & pimples
Emulsion remover is also excellent as acne countermeasure.
Acne occurs due to clogging of sebum resulting in inflammation of
the pores and pus accumulation. People who do not easily recover from facial cleansing have the possibility that irritation at the time of facial cleansing may have
damaged the skin.

For Back Acne
Emulsion remover can also be used for back acne countermeasures.
It is evidence that a square plug is accumulated if you touch the
back and feel rough. Especially the T zone of the back has characteristics that sebum secretion is thriving actively but it is hard to wash. By spraying the emulsion remover in the T zone of the back, you can flush the sebum of your back cleanly.

It can also can used on your personal items such as mobile phones and glasses to remove the oil and grime. 

Comes with a instructions cardboard that can be folded into a box, it is used for holding the liquid that flows from your face. 

In the day: Before applying makeup in the morning, spray it 4 - 5 times on your face and wipe it off with a cotton pad after a while. This increases your skin translucency and makeup would last longer as a result.

In the night: After removing your makeup, spray it more than 10 times abundantly all over your face. Emulsion Remover will turn to a milky substance, as it reacts to the excess sebum and dirt. After a while, wash it away with water.

If you see milky substance after using, it is not because the cleanser or makeup remover is bad. This is because NO cleanser and makeup remover can clean the face 100%!

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

water, sea water, arginine, phytic acid, silver oxide
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